Thematic partnerships - SMART

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All the EU Member States create their policy of economic growth based on smart specialisations - it is worth to take advantage of these experiences!

In order to facilitate exchange of experiences and undertaking joint initiative for entrepreneurs and scientists, operating in the field of smart specialisations, the EU platform S3 was established.

What is a partnership?

Partnership is a relation between independent entities, resulting from their entrepreneurial market attitude, based on mutual trust, commitment and responsibility of the parties that decided to cooperate, so that the effects of their cooperation form a specific advantage for them and have a permanent character [Kiełtyka K., Zarządzanie zespołami projektowymi  - kto jest kim w zarządzaniu projektem [Management of project teams - who is who in project management? (in:) Współczesne trendy w zarządzaniu projektami [Modern trends in project management], Sołtysik M., Wesołowska M., (ed.) Kraków 2016]

The purpose of partnerships is the definition of joint areas for investment with high economic and social potential and building of cooperation chains. 

The advantages for entities that cooperate in partnerships include creation of Global Value Chains - GVC. Owing to construction of such chains, it is possible to avoid unnecessary duplication of investments in various  European regions, to avoid excessive fragmentation and to use the potential of cooperation synergy. Partnerships allow for inter-regional cooperation and bring advantages to regions and each of members of the partnership. 

Until present 3 thematic platforms were created by the European Commission, ensuring specialist knowledge and an opportunity to make contacts with partners for implementation of joint projects:


It supports the regions that have similar or complementary energetic priorities in their strategies of intelligent specialisations, in order to create specific investment projects.  Mobilisation of the interested economic and scientific entities takes place by way of facilitating of creation of "energy partnerships" that offer interactive and participative arenas of inter-regional cooperation. Energy partnership allows to combine complementary strengths of the interested parties, use their competence in the scope of research and innovation, build necessary research capability, overcome the lack of "critical mass" and fragmentation, gain better access to global value chains and support investment cooperation.

The platform supports cooperation in the following thematic fields:

  • Bioenergy
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Smart Grids
  • Solar Energy
  • Sustainable Buildings

It is aimed at support of development of the joint investment projects by means of encouraging to inter-regional cooperation in the thematic fields connected with agriculture and food. By means of this platform, the entities interested in this field can use new options of cooperation with partners from other regions.

The platform supports cooperation in the following thematic fields:

  • Rural diversification and Smart Agri-Food destinations
  • High-tech farming
  • Public Meal as a driver of sustainability, health and innovation in the agri-food chain
  • Nutritional quality of mass catering
  • Traceability and big data
  • Vanguard Initiative Bioeconomy Pilot - Agri-Food
  • Sustainable development of production field crops
  • From farm to fork
  • Better food value chains, more resilient, transparent and competitive
  • Applying spatial data in data-driven food production and policy-making
  • Smart sensor systems 4 agri-food
  • European Agri-Food Partnership on Nutritional Ingredients
  • Consumer involvement in agri-food innovation

It is aimed at supporting of the EU regions engaged in creation of investment projects in industry, with the application of a bottom-up approach - effected by means of inter-regional cooperation, participation in clusters and commitment of industry. The assumption of thematic partnerships in the scope of modernisation of industry is active participation of industrial enterprises and the related business organisations, such as clusters, and also research institutions, academic circles and even civil society organisations.

The platform supports cooperation in the following thematic fields:

  • ADMA Energy - Advanced Manufacturing for Energy
  • Advanced materials on batteries
  • Artificial Intelligence and Human Machine Interface
  • Bio-economy
  • Chemicals
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism
  • Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing
  • High Performance Production through 3D-Printing
  • Medical technology
  • New nano-enabled Products
  • Personalised medicine
  • Photonics
  • Safe and sustainable mobility
  • Smart Regional Investments in Textile Innovatio
  • SME integration to Industry 4.0
  • Social Economy
  • Sport

The examples of jointly implemented projects show that together we can do more and learn from one another!  Three thematic platforms allow 145 regions all over Europe and the respective countries to closely cooperate in the scope of 28 inter-regional and cross-border (transboundary) partnerships. These partnerships support the EU regions in the promotion of inter-regional cooperation and joint investments and in coping with various obstacles connected with implementation of their smart specialisations. Thematic partnerships cover active participation of business organisations, research institutions, academic circles and civil society organisations.

At present, the partnerships engage more than 380 partners in total.

The Polish regions are currently engaged in the following thematic fields:


Start cooperation in a project with a foreign partner!


The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology plans to undertake actions aimed at increase of cooperation between the Polish entrepreneurs and their engagement in above-region and international projects in the field of regional and country smart specialisations, through realisation of thematic partnerships. 

The support offered by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology will cover consulting and animation of actions aimed at working out joint projects, solving formal barriers, and it will also offer logistic support, connected with allowing for participation in the meetings, dedicated to created partnerships, initiatives and projects.

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